5 interesting facts about online casinos and gambling

Gambling is almost as old as humanity, although it has changed quite a bit over the years. Nowadays people of course mostly gamble online on one of the sites that are mentioned by Betsquare. Being an activity enjoyed by people of all classes, it has spawned many interesting stories. With the recent acceptance of gambling in major countries, casinos have increased in number. This development has attracted more players and that is why it is nice to share with you some interesting facts about casinos, such as new online casinos, and gambling, which you may not be aware of yet.

Charles Fey 

The first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey. The interesting thing about this story about this invention is that it was used in a car garage and not a 헤라카지노 . Fey was an auto mechanic, who did well to install the slot machine (the so-called Liberty Bell) in his garage to entertain his customers while their vehicles were being worked on. The idea was then adopted by the casinos and has become an integral part of the casinos.


John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich, is credited with inventing the sandwich. However, the story of the invention is not known to many. Montagu was said to be a real enthusiast of gambling, usually in sessions of 24 hours or more. During one of those gambling sessions, he instructed his cook to prepare something easy to eat so that he could keep playing cards while he ate. The cook was smart enough to make a meal of two pieces of toast with meat cut in the middle. That’s how the sandwich was invented and it’s been a worldwide delicacy ever since toonily


FedEx is a global courier delivery service with net income of approximately wrinky US$2.977 billion. However, the company owes its existence to gambling. Founder Frederick Smith gambled with the $5,000 the company had left in 1973. Smith played Blackjack in Las Vegas with the money and won $27,000 which saved the company from bankruptcy.


Many people consider Las Vegas to be the gambling networthexposed capital of the world. However, this is not correct. Actually, the Chinese city of Macau is home to the largest number of slot games. In 2012, Macau had about five times more casino revenue than Las Vegas. Nowadays Macau is still seen as the gambling capital of the world, although the city has quite a few competitors. Las Vegas is of course a great example, but Monte Carlo also competes with Macau for the top spot. 

Mayme Stock

The world of casinos is dominated sdasrinagar by men. That’s why it’s surprising that a woman got the first casino license in Las Vegas. A woman named Mayme Stock got her casino license in 1920 and is thus the first person with such a license in Las Vegas of all time. Unfortunately this sector is still dominated by men, but Mayme Stock will never lose this incredible honor.

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