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In 1986, a French film was released called Melo. It was directed by Alain Resnais and starred Fanny Ardant, Andre Dussollier, Sabina Azema, and Pierre Arditi. The film was based on a play written by Henri Bernstein. Despite its limited number of films, it remains one of the most popular romantic comedies. Its quality was praised by critics and viewers alike, and it was even adapted into a feature film.

A passionate affair begins between Marcel and Romaine, and the two fall in love. While Marcel and Romaine pursue their relationship, Romaine plans to slowly poison the good-natured Pierre. The climax of the movie is a heart-rending romantic melodrama, which exemplifies Resnais’ ideas about memory, imagination, and reality. The film is a rare example of a film that has a so simple plot and yet so profound message.

Another film directed by Alain Resnais, the acclaimed Melo, explores the lives of two people who met in a Paris suburb in 1926. While she is married to Pierre Arditi, Romaine finds love with Marcel (Andre Dussollier), a renowned violinist. The two are married, but the two are unable to live together. Throughout the film, she tries to make the relationship work.

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