Progressive Blackjack: How to Play and Increase Your Chances of Winning Big 

Blackjack is a tremendously popular casino game, only behind poker in terms of popularity in both online casinos and land-based casinos. With the rise of online casino sites, it has become evident that blackjack is even more successful on casino sites because game studios are interested in developing new and innovative versions of blackjack that will further create more opportunities for casino players to potentially boost their winnings.

Progressive blackjack represents a great game where you could win a progressive jackpot. It’s normally played as any other version of blackjack, but it has a much bigger prize. So, without further ado, take a look at progressive blackjack and how you can potentially win it big.


Progressive blackjack is the same game as classic blackjack, with one major difference: the main prize. In classic blackjack, the main prize is set from the beginning, and will you find some versions that have the option to multiply your winnings. But, in this case, the main prize is linked to a network of the progressive jackpot. In other words, the prize increases as more casino players participate in the pool.

Rules of Progressive Blackjack

When it comes to the rules of progressive blackjack, they remain the same as with any classic blackjack game. If you have ever played blackjack before, you would have a problem playing progressive blackjack.

The cards numbered from 2 to 9 will have an equal value, except for the Ace card, which can be seen as 1 or 11, based on your card combinations. The remaining King, Queen, 10, or Jack cards are all valued as a 10. So, in other words, Progressive Blackjack is played with 2 to 8 decks that consist of 52 cards.

In blackjack, the main goal is to get a hand that is higher in value than that of the dealer and as close to 21, but without going over 21. So, if you have an Ace in your hand, you can use it either as a 1 to remain within that 21 limits or as an 11 to get a blackjack, for example.

With progressive blackjack, there is another aspect that you should be aware of, and there is a side bet that provides you with an opportunity to win the jackpot. It doesn’t impact the game’s outcome, but the main progressive jackpot prize rises in return.

What Makes Progressive Blackjack So Popular

The main reason progressive blackjack is extremely popular is the opportunity to grab a massive prize as well. That said, you are participating in a network of the progressive jackpot. That means while you’re playing the game online, hundreds of different casino players play the same game.

But if one of the casino players gets the jackpot, then the jackpot resets its value back to zero, and the process starts over again.

Typically, there is a side bet that you need to make if you want to play for the main jackpot. But that doesn’t impact the final outcome of your game; otherwise, you don’t need any additional knowledge if you are already familiar with blackjack.


Is Progressive Blackjack available at all online casinos?

Whether Progressive Blackjack versions are available at online casinos depends entirely on the online casino’s policy. There are different developers who offer the progressive blackjack games as part of their portfolio, others do not, so generally speaking, you would probably find progressive blackjack games on most casino sites. However, you should still check out the online casino before registering to play.

What is the house edge in Progressive Blackjack?

A house edge of progressive blackjack can be around 43.90%. But to know for sure, you should check out the official site of the game studio and see what’s a house edge of that particular online casino game.

Can I use the same basic strategy in Progressive Blackjack as in regular blackjack?

Yes, you can because it’s the same game. The only difference is that the main prizes is impacted by the number of casino players playing progressive blackjack.

Are there any specific betting strategies for Progressive Blackjack?

Yes, they are. However, they might be largely focused on progressive blackjack games based on four decks of cards. As we said, there isn’t a huge difference compared to classic blackjack games. You should learn the rules of blackjack and apply them to the progressive strategy. Otherwise, you should always follow your financial goals and budget and never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

Tips and Strategies for Winning at Progressive Blackjack

The best way to increase your chances of winning blackjack is to know how you play the game inside out and be familiar with your financial limits.  Also, always keep in mind thatit is a game of chance, not a business venutre. The second tip is to play blackjack first in demo mode, which allows you to play the game with virtual funds.

This will prepare you for playing the game with your real money in a live setting. As you know, with playing progressive blackjack live, you have to make decisions on the spot. So, it’s really beneficial if you can play some blackjack games for free.

Another tip is to be aware of the winning combination of that particular game, which can help you make the right decisions. For example, one ace could result in a 3-to-1 payout, while four aces of the same color will activate the progressive jackpot.


In conclusion, you probably won’t have any problem playing progressive blackjack if you have gaming experience in a land-based and online casino or a mobile app. Classic blackjack games, as well as progressive projects, share a lot of similarities. That being said, the main prize for progressive blackjack games is much higher than classic blackjack games.

Before you start playing the game, make sure to understand the rules well and be well-prepared with a proper financial budget and bankroll management.

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