The Art of Card Counting & Card Games You Can Apply This Strategy

A card counting strategy determines whether the player or the dealer has an advantage on the next hand. A card counter is a player who keeps track of high and low-value cards dealt out during a round to overcome the casino’s edge. Generally, they bet more when they have a competitive advantage and less when the dealer has an edge. The composition of the decks determines the playing decisions. Although it could be challenging, a player needs to count the number displayed on the card and the number of times it is displayed on the dice. In a nutshell, card counting means keeping an eye on certain cards as the dealer burns through the deck so that you will know which card can come for you and the dealer on the next hand. To maximize chances of winning in games like contract bridge and spades, which are trick-taking games, card reading provides a sufficient count about the distribution and number of high card locations. This article provides some great card counting tips and games that you can use with this strategy.


The process of counting cards is not hard, it simply takes good repetition. The process of winning by counting cards is harder, you also have to know a form of basic strategy to succeed. For beginners, this is an easy strategy to follow while playing online or at a land-based casino. Card counting involves four major steps. These are:

  • Assign a value to every card.

Among the most popular counting systems, Hi-Lo is regarded as a level-one count because the running count never increases or decreases by more than a single value. The player can either add, subtract or leave the cards depending on the value of the cards dealt. Play cards are valued as follows: 2-6 = +1, 7-9 = 0, 10- Ace = -1.

  • Keep a running count based on the values of the card dealt.

Each round, the card counter keeps a running count of every card dealt until the dealer shuffles the cards. If the running count increases, the player gains an advantage, but if the running count decreases, the casino wins.

  • Calculate the count per deck or the true count.

Card counters are becoming frustrated by casinos using multiple decks. To thwart their attempts, it is vital to understand and calculate per deck. For example, if there is a +5 running count, there is less than 1 additional high card. Here, it is the concentration of high cards that concerns the card counter more than the extra card count, that is why the “True Count” is so valuable.

  • Change your bets as the true count increases.

You should utilize the information obtained from a running or true count by increasing your wager as the true count increases, else you may find yourself playing a mentally taxing game. When the card count is negative, you should place the smallest wager, and when the card count favors the player, you should place the largest wager. Following these tips will help you figure out bankroll management and betting strategies more straightforwardly.



Card counting is mainly used in the blackjack family of casino games. This determines if the next hand will give a probable advantage to either the player or dealer. In blackjack game strategy, players try to outplay the casino house edge by taking track of high and low valued cards that are dealt. Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is one of the most well-known casino games all over the world. While pushing your luck, it is necessary to beat the dealer by getting 21 points worth of cards or close. The advantage the gambler has over the dealer is that the gambler is free to follow any strategy dimmed fit, while the dealer has to follow some set of betting rules and guides. For this reason, why not try playing the game of cards at online casinos using the strategy of card counting spelt out in this article. 


Cards are counted in poker as opposed to poker games. Cards are read to make profitable decisions in poker games and not to have an edge over the house like in blackjack. It is necessary to know the equity of your cards and that of your opponents which will make you know when to fold, raise, or call. Knowing the odds and reading cards appropriately is necessary to be a winner when playing the game of poker, especially in the Texas Hold’em variant. Card reading during Texas Hold’em allows a player to strategize and calculate the probability of the number of cards that are not yet seen and the number of cards remaining in a suit. A player needs to study how much the opponent is betting, the circumstances surrounding the cards being played, the reaction and words of the opponent, how much money is put in the bet, and cards played in the previous game. This will prevent double counting which is common for a player because the calculations are made in the head.


You can easily count cards by playing by the book in every game while keeping track of the cards you are dealt and flipped with. However, consistent practice and knowledge is necessary so that you can count cards effortlessly and get your one percent edge. As the casino floor is always packed with incoming and outgoing players, staying focused is very important. Although some casinos would like you to think that card counting is illegal since counters lose their money, note that you are not cheating but thinking outside the box. Hence, any suspected gambler will be denied service and kicked out by right. However, here’s a final tip: wear a tourist look, talk to the dealer and take your time to make your wagers. Next, change your bets minimally even though it may decrease your advantage, and finally, switch tables and casinos.

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