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The word THOP means sharp rapping. It is a popular punishment for stupid behavior. In some cases, it is used as a warning. It also signifies anger or threats. Here’s what the word means. It is an adjective that means “not judgmental”. If you are curious about the meaning of Thop, read on to learn more. Here are some things to know about the person you are dating: The name is masculine, which means that the recipient is likely to be a man.

The name THOP can be an ambiguous one, with many definitions and meanings. Some definitions are: artistic and practical abilities. In addition to being creative and practical, Thop can earn great financial rewards. In relationships, however, a P person needs a good-looking, intelligent, and intelligent partner. Sexual hang-ups are not common for people with P names. The O in Thop also means open-mindedness.

The P in THOP means artistic ability and an impressive imagination. These traits can be used to achieve great wealth and honor, but also make them restless, nervous, petulant, and impulsive. Although they can be attractive, they are highly conservative and may consider a partner an enemy. Despite their relatively aloof nature, a Thop can be a charming, sensitive, romantic, and intelligent partner. This person is known for her social grace and sensitivity.

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